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Differences between Urine, Blood, and Hair Testing:

Urine Testing:

      • Detection Window: Up to 72 hours for most drugs, but can vary depending on the substance and individual metabolism.
      • Advantages: Non-invasive, relatively inexpensive, and convenient.
      • Disadvantages: Short detection window, can be affected by factors like hydration and recent intake of fluids.

Blood Testing:

      • Detection Window: Up to several days or weeks for most drugs, depending on the substance and individual metabolism.
      • Advantages: Can detect recent and past drug use, accurate and reliable.
      • Disadvantages: Invasive, requires a trained professional to collect the sample, and can be more expensive than urine testing.

Hair Testing:

      • Detection Window: Up to 90 days for most drugs, providing a long-term history of drug use.
      • Advantages: Can detect past drug use, not affected by recent intake of fluids, difficult to tamper with.
      • Disadvantages: Expensive, requires specialized testing facilities, and can take longer to obtain results.

Ordering Drug or Alcohol Testing:

      • Yes, you can be ordered for drug or alcohol testing in various circumstances, including:
        • Job applications: Many employers require pre-employment drug and alcohol testing.
        • Probation or parole: As part of court-ordered supervision, drug and alcohol testing may be mandatory.
        • School athletes: Some schools require athletes to undergo drug and alcohol testing.
        • Medical reasons: Healthcare professionals may order drug and alcohol testing for diagnostic purposes or to monitor medication compliance.
        • Law enforcement investigations: If law enforcement suspects you of driving under the influence or other drug-related offenses, they may order a drug or alcohol test.

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Time is of the essence…

If you were arrested for a DWI you only have 15 days to request a hearing for ALR – automatic license renewal.  If you do not request a hearing in time or do not show up prepared, your license could be suspended.

Likewise other crimes have important factors that are time sensitive.  It may be important to have you tested at a court approved lab for drugs or other substances because drugs will metabolize out of your system very quickly and there is only a small window of time left to test.

And for other crimes still it can be important to get witness testimonies or affidavits before the details start to blur or fade or before other parties obtain lawyers and stop talking.

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